Your Dentist Is Open, But Is It Safe To Go?

July 4, 2020

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Your dentist in Plano has re-opened their door to all patients, but many people are wondering whether it’s safe to go. If you’re worried about risking your health for dental care, you’re not alone. These uncertain times have caused dentists to step back and put countless additional safety precautions in place to ensure their patient’s safety. Read on to learn more about whether visiting your dentist during the COVID crisis is safe.

Can They Eliminate the Risk of COVID-19 Transmission?

For some patients, visiting the dentist is an absolute must in order to avoid serious damage to their physical and oral health. Which is why it’s important to not completely write off scheduling a vital appointment. Even though dentists are taking dozens of safety measures to mitigate the risk of spreading COVID-19, there’s no way to completely eliminate that risk. The primary concern for many infection control professionals is the use of powered dental instruments, such as a dental polisher and drill, which can create aerosols that can be breathed in. However, dental staff are addressing this concern by wearing proper PPE and proper sanitation protocols.

Have Any COVID Cases Been Linked To Visiting The Dentist?

Despite the potential risks of visiting the dentist, the World Health Organization and CDC have reported that no confirmed COVID-19 cases can be traced back to visiting a dental office. This means that the preventive measures implemented by professionals are working. Plus, the CDC has a regularly-updated page that outlines necessary guidelines for dental settings as more discoveries are being made about the virus. This way, dental practices can easily stay up-to-date with findings and adjust their dental safety protocol in Plano accordingly. Many patients feel much more safe when they visit the office and realize just how many precautions are being made.

Is Your Dentist Taking Additional Safety Measures?

Your dentist is taking safety measures to prioritize your health. Not only are they adhering to basic CDC guidelines, including wearing proper PPE and practicing social distancing whenever possible, but they’re also implementing more precautions to minimize community spread of the virus. The best way to learn about the specific steps being taken in their practice is to contact them directly. If you have any concerns or are an at-risk patient, be sure to let them know when you schedule your appointment! That way, you can visit the office earlier in the day, before any other patients have arrived.

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Dr. Jason Montgomery graduated from Baylor’s College of Dentistry and has since taken over 500 hours of continuing education. He is passionate about helping his patients feel comfortable and safe while they receive high-quality dental care and has even been named as a “Texas Superdentist” by Texas Monthly Magazine. For questions or to schedule an appointment, visit his website or call 972-398-1996.

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