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example of BridgeUnless you’re a baby, having missing teeth isn’t considered very cute. In fact, it can be very difficult to garner respect in your daily life when you have unsightly gaps in your smile. The good news is that while tooth loss is surprisingly common, Plano dentist Dr. Montgomery can offer a solution to your dental woes. Dental bridges can be used to provide sturdiness and a renewed sense of stability to patients’ smiles!

What happens when you lose teeth?

If you’re one of many people in Plano, TX who have lost one or more natural teeth, you surely know how it can decrease your overall quality of life, making it difficult to chew, speak, and feel self-confident. What’s worse is that the remaining teeth may begin to shift in order to fill the space over time, which can throw your bite off-balance and result in TMJ disorder, a chronic and painful health condition. Missing teeth can also increase your overall risk for gum disease and tooth decay.

How do I replace my missing teeth?

A fixed dental bridge can be an excellent solution for correcting tooth loss. They function just like their name suggests – by “bridging” the gap between natural teeth. Bridges are cemented in place, and they cannot be removed from the mouth once Dr. Montgomery has secured them.

What kinds of bridges are there?

Dental bridges can be made from several different materials, including tooth-colored porcelain, porcelain-over-metal, or metal alloys. Additional, attached crowns will need to be placed as well, which serve as “anchors” that hold the bridge in place over neighboring teeth.

How much does a dental bridge cost?

The cost of a dental bridge often depends on several factors, such as your insurance coverage and the type of bridge you prefer. The good news is that they can last for five to twenty years if cared for well. That’s why you should always attend regular check-ups at our Plano office!

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