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A Beautiful New Smile in One Visit

young man curly hair smiling A minor chip, crack, gap or stain is all it takes to disturb the symmetry of your smile and attract the wrong type of attention. It’s good to know that if you’re dealing with one of these issues, there is a cosmetic dental solution available to help out: direct bonding. Contact our Plano office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jason L. Montgomery, and to have your smile revamped in just one visit. In turn, you’ll notice heightened confidence and more favorable interactions with other people!

What is Direct Bonding?

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The direct bonding process utilizes composite resin (tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture) material to overcome a host of smile flaws in your front-facing teeth. After examining your ivories to make sure there are no threats to your oral health, Dr. Montgomery will take the following steps to rejuvenate your smile:

The process, which takes around an hour to complete, will have you beaming from ear-to-ear in just one visit!

Who is the Right Candidate for Direct Bonding?

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The right candidate for the direct bonding procedure will be someone with excellent oral health. Thus, before any work is done, Dr. Montgomery will need to perform a thorough assessment. This is important because your oral health is always #1 on our priority list.

Once you’ve been given the greenlight to proceed, we can then move forward with developing your treatment plan. Throughout the preliminary stage, Dr. Montgomery will listen intently to your desires, answer any questions you may have, and he’ll explain in-depth what you can expect to happen.

The Benefits of Direct Bonding

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The direct bonding procedure provides numerous benefits. As previously mentioned, it revamps your smile in just one visit. That means you won’t have to worry about making several trips to our office to complete the process.

In addition, it’s one of the more cost-effective cosmetic dental procedures available, while still delivering phenomenal results. In fact, with proper care, your results can last up to 10 years. This simply involves adhering to the following guidelines:

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Likely, you have other questions about direct bonding – Plano, TX. Dr. Montgomery will gladly answer them when you visit our office. Soon, by partnering with us, you’ll have a smile that dazzles!

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