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How to Prevent a Dental Emergency – Plano, TX

The Best Treatment is Prevention

family of four hugging smiling While it’s a given that dental emergencies can strike without any notice, there are several instances where the situation can be avoided. That’s why Dr. Montgomery is steadfast in encouraging patients to protect themselves. All it takes is to follow a few simple guidelines. As you continue reading, you’ll discover what you can do to keep your teeth and gums healthy and to avoid a painful dental emergency.

Maintain a Great Dental Care Routine

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Many times, dental emergencies are the result of an ongoing oral health problem. For example, a cavity that isn’t addressed soon enough, can eventually travel past the enamel and enter the sensitive inner parts of a tooth to cause a painful infection.

To prevent this from happening, make your oral care a priority. This should include brushing and flossing at least two times a day and visiting Dr. Montgomery every six months for checkups and cleanings.

Do Not Bite Down on Anything Extremely Hard

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While your teeth are strong, they aren’t infallible. Therefore, when you’re eating, it’s best to exercise some caution. That’s because attempting to bite into something that’s too hard, like a popcorn kernel, could result in a cracked or broken tooth, which is definitely no fun.

You should also avoid biting on items like pencils, ice or fingernails. If you desire something to chew on, a better option is sugar-free gum. It’s not only easier on your teeth, but by stimulating your natural saliva production, it functions as a cleaning supplement.

Get a Mouthguard for Sports and Bedtime

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If you or your loved ones are involved in any type of sporting event, a collision can happen at any moment. The threat is not just limited to non-contact activities, as sports like tennis that involve flying objects can still result in sudden trauma to your face and mouth. By receiving a custom mouthguard from your emergency dentist in Plano, TX, you’ll be better protected from a tooth cracking, breaking or dislodging.

There’s another benefit of wearing a mouthguard: to prevent teeth grinding while you sleep. The oral appliance helps to cushion the pressure that could otherwise wear down your enamel and cause your teeth to crack.

Do Not Open Containers with Your Teeth

When you have a stubborn package that you can’t seem to open with your hands, it can be tempting to just use your teeth. One thing to keep in mind in such situations is that your teeth are specially designed to bite into food. Thus, veering off course can result in a dental emergency. To be on the safe side, it’s better to locate a pair of scissors or another tool to perform the task so your ivories can remain protected.

The first part of the equation is knowing how to prevent a dental emergency in Plano, TX. Now, all you have to do is execute!

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